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Community Needs/Compatibility

Unfortunately there are a signifcant and distinct lack of services in the newly completed residential areas of both N.W. Calgary and to the residents using the rural corridor. In an era of green and sustainable community thinking, the fact that residents are forced to drive 10+ kilometers to find take home food, sit down dining, have coffee with friends, or visit dental/medical clinics-is neither contempory nor environmentally sound. Developments addressing the environmental issues by conforming to Leeds building standards and reducing residents' travel distances for essential day to day services, would be considered desireable and attractive by the surrounding community.

The Rocky View County as a whole, and Bearspaw specifically, have identified an existing and growing need  for its residents to remain and age in the community. Long term residents approaching retirement have shown by survey, to want more alternatives in order to remain in the rural setting where they have lived and raised their families. The choices for Bearspaw residents with respect to both independent-living and assisted-living care facilities are located in Airdrie and Cochrane, are of limited availability, and have long waiting lists. A multi-residential adult-living retirement development addressing this deficiency would also likely be perceived as an enhancement to the community at large. 

Existing Zoning 

In the owners' opinion, many of the consumer "needs" of the area residents/commuters-urban and rural, could be accommodated by a development on the Nagway Lands under the existing commercial B1 land use classification.This zoning allows primary and discretionary uses which would address some of the immediate community needs as it stands. Restaraunts, food services, office & convenience faciities-stand alone or perhaps combined in a multu-use facility and presented in an attractive and conforming manner, would be looked upon favourably by most residents. 

Future Possibilities

The properties are also a perfect location for a stand alone multi-residential senior facility-perhaps combined with a compatible retail component providing a viable business opportunity as well as addressing the needs of the community. Many existing seniors developments in other jurisdictions typically occupy footprints of  between 3 to 8 acres similiar to the Nagway Lands (7.73 acres). None, however, have the unrestricted 360 views and rural solitude. Obviously a development proposal presented to the County with the positive support of the residents would have the best chance of being successful-including those that may require rezoning laterally or a Direct Control classification specific to the proposed facilities.