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The Nagway Lands are located in Rocky View County which surrounds a large portion of the City of Calgary on the North, East, and West boundaries, and as such fall under the Land Use Regulations and Development Approval processes of that jurisdiction.

The two subject Commercial properties-lots 1 & 2 are zoned B1, a Rocky View County Highway Commercial land use designation defining developments that cater to the traveling public and described in detail under the Land Use Bylaw C-4841-97.  In the past, the County was primarily a large parcel Agricultural and smaller parcel Residential acreage municipality with any non-residential developments typically located in the small towns and hamlets within its boundaries. Stand alone Commercial developments in the rural transportation corridors-such as the original Nagway Restaurant, were few and unique and the result of often-times onerous re-zoning and development processes. 

Going Forward

In the last 10 years or so, this situation has changed considerably with the establishment of significant Commercial, Light Industrial, and Retail developments at Cross Iron Mills in Balzac, Calaway Park and the Airport in Springbank, etc. The Rocky View Advantage video showcases these changes and explains the advantages of being situated within one of North Americas fastest growing and dynamic economies-the Calgary, Alberta Region. 

The Nagway Lands Commercial Properties represent a unique investment/development opportunity outside the City of Calgary boundaries.The combined parcel size of 5.58 acres under 2 titles allows for a variety of alternatives for partnership/purchase and development strategies. The fact that two of these properties are already zoned for non-residential/non-agricultural use gives them a huge "leg up" on other surrounding properties that would have to be subdivided or rezoned via the Development Approval Process before becoming viable business ventures. Uses that fit the B1 zoning criteria could be operational with only the usual construction issues to deal with.

Prospective buyers looking for unique one-of-a kind view properties, should consider the Nagway Lands over all others regardless of whether the intended use is immediate, for futre development or as a long term investment holding property.